What Next? November

For the month of November:

  • Foundation design
  • Foundation work
  • Demo content (at least 2 scenes)
  • Application for creating scenes/events


Foundation work is most important to us, we want everyone to see and have a solid base of the game. The foundation will be the main design content we want in game, map locations, free roam, base interactions and bar work. With a solid base, updates can be simply integrated though existing systems.

Demo Release

Hey everyone Henry here, bringing you the first release of the Demo.

Release Date: 10/31/2017
Update Summary: The entire demo is done and here. Over 100 images, 3 main scenes, tons of interactions, and a lot more! Explore Cyra’s home, prepare for work and head to the bar. There is plenty of hidden content so be sure to look.

Download: ​Windows     ​Mac     ​Linux

The game is a bit rough around the edges, currently I am developing an entirely new system on which the game is based. The demo will get some content updates and bug fixes if need be but the system inside the demo will not see any new features.

Once the new system is done the foundation build will be released, including all the features of popular visual novel games and more.